Both enrolled and registered doctoral candidates can use the JOGU-StINe portal. If you are simultaneously a JGU employee, please make sure you use each account accordingly. You can only access the doctoral portal through your doctoral account.

You can find basic information regarding your doctorate under Service > Personal details. You can edit some of this information yourself.

Furthermore, the final results from your doctorate are shown in the portal once you have submitted your application to the Dean’s Office and are signed up for it in the system.

In general, there is no need for doctoral candidates to sign up for classes or examinations through JOGU-StINe. However, you do have the option of signing up to audit classes.

If you would like to switch your status from “registered” to “enrolled” or change your doctoral field, please apply for this through your doctoral account by submitting a new application.

If the opposite is the case, you do not need to do anything: If you are exmatriculated while you are still pursuing your doctorate, you will remain in the system as a registered doctoral candidate.
Detailed information on doctoral studies and the registration/application at JGU Mainz can be found at: Promotion (only in german)