Online verification of documents of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Students at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz can download and print out various documents in PDF format via JOGU-StINe, a campus management software used at JGU to manage student and study data. As of now, some of these documents are no longer issued or sent to students in paper form, but are only made available for download online after logging in. These currently mainly include the semester documents, which include the Stammdatenblatt,  the document for the responsible office for educational assistance (BAföG) and the semester certificates .

JGU students can submit these documents to various institutions, such as health insurance companies, administrative bodies or other universities.

In order to verify the authenticity and validity of these documents, JGU provides an online verification service.

The website is a web service for the online verification of JGU documents. It is accessible worldwide and allows you to check various JGU documents quickly and easily. No additional software is required for the verification. This is how you verify JGU documents online:

  • Scan the document's printed QR code. You will then be forwarded directly to the website where you can verify the data.


  • Go to and enter the document number printed on the document as well as the corresponding verification key. Click on "Verify" and you will be able to verify the data directly.