Data security

In order to guarantee the greatest possible protection of your data, JGU works together with the data security officers of the university and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Generally, the exact access rights are defined for each user of the portal – including students, teachers and administrative staff.

For example, teachers cannot follow a student's course of study, they can however enter credit points or grades for their own courses and exams. They are not able to view examination results that students have achieved in other courses or examinations. The respective student and staff members of the responsible registrar’s office are the only ones to receive an overview of all the student’s grades or credit points.

As in the case of online banking, certain security-relevant actions that take place on JOGU-StINe must also be confirmed using transaction numbers (TAN). Students will require this type of personal authentication, for example, when registering for exams. The same goes for teachers when uploading grades.

For more information, please refer to the detailed version of the data protection concept for data protection concept for JOGU-StINe/CampusNet  (in German).