Registration web portal

Access Requirements

Having access to a computer with internet access and a university account from the Data Center (ZDV) are requirements for using the online portal JOGU-StINe.

University employees will generally get their university account upon starting their position. For more information, please see the Zentrums für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV).

Visiting researchers, project staff and external users can also apply for a university account under some conditions. In this case, please also see Webseite des ZDV.

Portal Registration

To log in to JOGU-StINe open the web page in your browser. Click on the Log in button in the upper right Corner, enter your username and password of your university account and click Log in. Please note that your password is case-sensitive, so make sure to pay attention to your use of capital letters.

If your username is not accepted, use "" or "UNI-MAINZ\username" instead.

Your personal page will then appear.

If your username and password are not working, please try once again to log in and pay close attention to capitalization. It could be that your caps lock option is turned on.

If you still are unable to log in after entering the correct username and password, check to see if your university account is working. For this, please open the following webpage: Enter in your username and password here and check the status of your account. If you are able to log in without a problem, then your account is working. After checking the status of your account, please get in touch with the responsible Studienbüro.