FAQ for teaching staff and subsitutes


Can I change or add any information to the course details?

Aside from the course description, no changes can be made by the teaching staff or their substitutes. If it is necessary to make any changes, please get in touch with the responsible Student Advising Office - in german.

How can I add a description or other information to my classes?

Information regarding your courses can be saved in four different categories by clicking on the button course descriptions.

Note: The format of copied text from external sources will not be transferred. More information regarding course descriptions can be found in the section course manangement.

Can I change any student registrations in my courses?

Teaching staff or their substitutes are not able to make any changing regarding student registrations. If any such changes need to be made, please get in contact with the responsible Student Advising Office - in german.

Which options are there to contact students in my courses?

Students accepted to a course can be contacted via the Messages button. It is unfortunately not yet possible to contact students who have not yet been accepted.

Note: The system will mistakenly send a mail delivery confirmation for students who have not yet been accepted. More detailed information on the topic of sending messages can be found in the section sending messages.

Can I send course material to students via the JOGU-StINe web portal?

Via the option add material, you can save texts and links, but you should not upload any material. This can however be done through the link that you have provided. Rather, you have the option of using the reader for additional material. For more information about course material, see the section managing course material.

How can I keep track of mandatory attendance within the JOGU-StINe web portal?

You have the option to mark students as inactive. This allows students to not be able to register for an examination, or else to be deregistered for an examination. This also causes the student to not pass a course so that they will need to re-take it. More detailed information regarding marking students as inactive can be found in the section participant management.

Additional Topics

How can I create a new TAN list for myself?

Via the menu option TAN-Manager, you can create a new TAN list for yourself as long as you have at least one valid number in your previous list. Make sure that you can print your TAN list directly after creating it because due to security reasons, it will not be saved and cannot be re-opened. Further details regarding generating a new TAN list can be found in the section Generating new TAN lists.

How are rights given to substitutes?

Teaching staff have the possibility to hand over editing rights for courses and examinations to other members of the university staff. You can use the Antrag auf die Einrichtung von Zugriffsrechten (Stellvertretung) für das Online-Portal JOGU-StINe (application for access rights (subsitute) for the online portal JOGU-StINe (in german) for this. Further information about rights for substitutes can be found in the sections delegation of rights and Substitutes.

As a substitute, do I always need to use my own TAN list?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to always use your own TAN list. Even as a substitute, you can and may not use other staff members’ TAN lists.

Are there any information sessions for working in JOGU-StINe?

Yes, we regularly offer two-hour-long information sessions with a practical part for teaching staff and substitutes. The current time slots can be found in the Programm der Personalfortbildung (personal development program) in german. There you can register for these sessions.

As a member of staff, am I able to register for courses offered through the library?

Yes, you can do this via the menu option university library. As soon as the library’s registration phase has begun, you can change your registration and also see your registration status there.

Tips and Tricks

Tips for the Timeout Function

While working within JOGU-StINe you will automatically be logged out after being inactive for 30 minutes.

Note: Setting the inactive option or entering in grades does not count as being active. Therefore, make sure that you save your work after 25 minutes at the latest. You can get around the timeout function by opening a menu option in a new window or tab.

Tips on Sending Messages

  • We recommend that you copy your own address while sending system messages. This way, you can know for sure that your message has been sent.
  • Adding recipients that are not registered for classes is only limitedly possible. The other recipients need to be saved in the system. However, you may get the error message that the additional recipients are not reachable. If you happen to get this error message, please get in touch with the responsible Student Advising Office - in german.

Tips on Course Details

The option individual questions that can be found in the course details is not used at JGU Mainz.