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Deregistration is also possible during all registration periods!

General Information Regarding Registration Periods

Course Registration Periods

There are designated periods during which you can register for classes every semester. The timespan for the registration periods are announced with enough notice under the menu item Course registration periods, as well as on posters, flyers and through e-mails in JOGU-StINe.

For some degree programs, there are registration periods that differ. A list of these exceptions can also be found under Course registration periods. Additionally, please consult directly with your respective student advising office for more information. Student advising office (in german).

There are three registration periods at JGU:

Main Registration Period

This period is for students who are already enrolled and always takes place in the last three weeks of the lecture period in the preceding semester. During the registration period, it makes no difference when you register for classes because all spots will be given out at the end of the registration period.

Second Registration Period

This period takes place in the last week of the non-lecture period (during the so-called introduction week) before classes begin and is mainly for students in their first semester and students who have changed their course of studies or the university. However, students who are already enrolled can also use this period. Here it is also the case that the spots will be given out at the end of the registration period, so you can register or deregister for classes at any time in this period.

Third Registration Period (for all remaining spots)

The third and last registration period is for students to have the chance to register for any classes with free spots. The difference between this period and the other two is that the remaining spots are given out during the registration period. The motto here is “first come, first served.”

For you to be able to plan for the upcoming semester, the course catalog will be put up at the beginning of January for summer semester, and at the beginning of June for winter semester.

Criteria for Place Allocation

While classes are generally not restricted, spots in classes that only allow a restricted number of participants are given out in accordance with the senat guideline that JGU’s Senate has laid out. The number of waiting semesters or the question of whether or not the class is mandatory both play a role.

In classes with a restricted number of participants, the student advising office (in german) also have the possibility to allocate and prioritize spots in a more detailed manner (Senat guideline).

In the allocation process, the ratio for the available spots is decided on. For example, 80% of the spots in an introductory course could be reserved for students in their first or second semesters. On the other hand, 80% of the spots in an advanced seminar could be reserved for students in a higher semester.

With prioritization, the available spots are given out in an even more controlled way, for example, in determining how the spots are distributed within different quotas. For the given example, this could mean that students in their second semester are given priority over students in their first semester.

Whether or not a class will be allocated or prioritized can be seen in the Registering for a course . If you have any questions regarding this matter, please get in contact with the responsible student advising office (in german).

For courses with a restricted number of spots, you will be able to see the maximum participant number while registering. Because in some courses there are a certain number of spots reserved for students in their first semester, it is possible that the maximum participant number gets raised between the main registration period and the second registration period.

Exam Registration Period

If you would like to a take an exam for a course or a module, you will need to register for the exam during the exam registration period.

The two-week-long registration periods for exams generally take place six weeks after the semester has started. The current dates will be announced with enough notice under Exam registration periods as well as on posters and flyers.

Just like with the registration periods, these dates can also differ depending on your subject. Please consult directly with your student advising office to find out which dates are applicable for your course of studies. You can also find a list of all exceptions under Exam registration periods.


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