Exam registration periods

Wintersemester 2019/20

Main Registration Period

Mon, 06.01.2020, 1 PM – Mon, 20.01.2020, 1 PM


Exceptions for Wintersemester 2019/20

Faculty 04 – University Medical Center

Within medicine and dentistry, there is no examination registration period because you will automatically be registered for the examination when you register for the course.

Faculty 08 - Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science

Registration and Deregistration for written exams are only possible until one week, 1 PM before the exam date (starting Mon, 06.01.2020, 1 PM)

For supplement courses and oral examinations, the general exam registration period applies:
Mon, 06.01.2020, 1 PM – Mon, 20.01.2020, 1 PM

Faculty 09 - Chemistry / Chemistry, Biomedical

There are individual registration periods for the chemistry / chemistry, biomedical exams. A detailed overview is available on the homepage of the Studienbüro Chemistry (https://studienbuero.chemie.uni-mainz.de/beitragsseite/)

School of Music

Tue, 01.10.2019, 12 AM - Sun, 01.12.2019, 11:59 PM


The Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center at JGU Mainz has developed a freely accessible and anonymous online course for coping with examination anxiety. The course is available for all students at JGU that would like to overcome their examination anxiety and thereby improve their examination-taking skills.
More information on this course can be found in German under "Prüfungsangst Bewältigen Online" and as well as in this video: