Sections of JOGU-StINe

Please note:
The web portal JOGU-StINe JOGU-StINe has a public and a password-protected section. The public section is accessible to both JGU members and all external users and contains only general information such as the course catalog. A password-protected section is available only to students, lecturers and staff of JGU for administering studies and examinations.

The publicly accessible section

The following six menu items are accessible via the landing page of JOGU-StINe web portal:

  • Application/Registration
    Applicants have the opportunity to apply for JGU online. Applications for a change of subject or a double degree can also be submitted online here. You can find further information on this in the applicants section
  • Course catalog
    Here you will find the JGU course catalog. You can select the current catalog and that of the previous semester directly from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. In the archive you will also find all of the course catalogs since the summer semester of 2009. Courses from previous semesters are available in the UnivIS. Please pay attention when selecting the semester!) Using the search button you also have the possibility to search for various criteria in the course catalogs from the summer semester of 2009 onwards.
  • help
    If you have any questions or need help, you will find the link to the information page and the contact details of the JOGU-StINe Services.
  • home
    This button allows you to return to our homepage from all menu items listed so far.

The password-protected section

If you register on JOGU-StINe , as described in the section registration web portal, you will reach the password-protected section, where the menu items Application/Registration, Course catalog and Help are available just like in the publicly accessible section. In the password-protected section, the various user groups of JOGU-StINe have access to further menu items, which are explained in more detail on the following pages.